How to Stop Headphones Leaking Sound? 6 Easy Going Tips

Do you love wearing headphones like me? In that case, you will be conscious of not letting sound vibration escape them. Even then, some headphones do not stop from leaking the sound outside, like my Beats Solo 3. The only solution that seems suitable to me is to fix the sound leakage of the headphones but first deal with the question: How To Stop Headphones Leaking Sound?

What is the sound leaking? It is the result of the air vibration that the speaker’s drum generates. The sound will bleed out from the ear cups and be audible to others if the sound is loud.

In this article, I will demonstrate tips and quick fixes for stopping headphones’ leaking sounds. But first, you need to know what causes the sound leakage.

Why Do My Headphones Leak Audio? 3 Major Factors For the Sound Leakage

As I mentioned, I am a passionate headphones carrier, and if someone complains about the audio bleed, it will be a big problem for me. However, I have researched the main factors that cause sound leakage from headphones.

Open-back closed headphones

How can I forget that specific headphone designs are meant to leak sounds? In this regard, I learned that the open-back closed headphones leak more sound as their back panel has gaps. These spaces on the back side allow the airflow to come out of the ear cup and reduce the proper music isolation.


I know you only focus on the level of sound when choosing headphones. However, technical terms make the headphones a big success or a miserable failure. Transducers convert the electrical sound signal into analog to be heard in the ear. Thus converting the signal causes the sound to bleed audibly to the outer world.

Driver size

If you buy headphones, you must consider their features, like driver size. These are small loudspeakers that send the audio signal to the ear. The smaller the driver size, the reduction in sound leakage.

How Do I Know If My Headphones Are Leaking?

Headphones aim to give the pleasure of liberty and allow you to work more attentively. I must say, sound-leaking headphones are useless as they do not fulfill the isolating purpose you deserve.

You can follow some ways to inspect whether your headphones are included in the category that creates noise and distraction for others. Moreover, headphones with audio bleeds also make you embarrassed in public. To avoid all the mess, I suggest you test the headphones with several tricks.

  • Try to record the leakage.
  • Do a test with a friend

How Do I Stop My Headphones From Leaking Sound?

To make the best use of the headphones, you must fix the sound leaking problem. Not only will the problem affect the sound quality of the headphones, but it will also make it frustrating for others to sit with you close. In this section, I will mention some essential tips to prevent sound bleed from headphones.

Utilize Foam Ear Tips and Ear Pads

Are you going to replace the headphones with a newer one? Well, this is not the permanent solution. Despite changing the entire gadget, you may replace the silicone earbuds with foam ones and check if the leaking problem is fixed.

Foam ear pads can easily fit the ear design and reduce the leaking by trapping all the sound inside the organ. I suggest you select leather and memory foam to isolate the noise.

Warning: you need to change foam ear tips from time to time as they are worn out in no time.

Consider noise-isolation headphones

I think noise-isolating headphones are best to prevent sound from escaping from within. You can order good quality headphones without any worry as they are designed to trap all the audio inside and do not ruin your overall experience of listening to the crowd.

Use bone-conduction headphones

How do neglecting bone-conduction headphones in canceling the outside noise? These headphones are differently designed and work through vibrations from the jaw to the skull, creating an unmistakable sound you can hear.

Keep the Volume Low

Using headphones at a low volume helps you not only maintain your ear health but also keeps you away from creating an annoyance for others.

Carry ear-protection ear muffs

Do I tell you a more pocket-friendly trick to stop sound leaking? It would be best if you considered using protective ear muffs. If you include an additional layer on the headphones, the sound leaking mechanism is minimized.

In-ear monitors

Heard about in-ear monitors? Well, IEMs are customized earbuds that you can purchase to seal the inner sound within the headphones. The primary privilege of using IEMs is that they can conform to the ear shape and provide pleasure with comfort.

Campfire Audio Marshmallow Foam Tips are my favorite IEM earbuds that protect my ear from developing wax.


How much sound can open back headphones leak?

You cannot eliminate all the leaking sounds from headphones. Especially when you consider open-back headphones spill almost 30-35% of the audio outside, which creates a disturbance for others.

Do all headphones have sound leakage?

The sound leaking mechanism is directly combined with the headphone design. Usually, all headphones leak audio a bit but open-back headphones or on-ear headphones because their shape leaks a lot more than others.

Why do my headphones leak so much sound?

Headphones leaking may result from poorly designed ear cups or ear pads. The material used in forming ear pads is not of good quality, so it can not hold all the sound inside and cause audio leaks.

Final Thoughts

If you love listening to music on headphones, you can do everything to secure the sound from leaking. In my opinion, you can ponder over the tips to trap the audio within the headphones rather than changing them on the first go. In this article, I have elaborated on the accessible and easy tips for stopping headphones from leaking sound. Moreover, I have also mentioned the reasons that make the sound escape the outer environment.

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