How to Claim Aftershokz Warranty? Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a new pair of Aftershokz headphones with no sound and worry about what to do with them? Well, it’s not a matter of overthinking or discarding them for the rest of your life. The easy solution is to replace or repair them and find out How to Claim Aftershokz Warranty?

AfterShokz offers a 2-year warranty that begins with the date of the first purchase. The warranty claim for AfterShokz demands the damaged or defective headphones but not the misused or stolen product.

I will mention how to claim an Aftershokz warranty in this article by following simple yet time-consuming steps. In addition, you will also learn the process of registering your headphones which is as imperative as claiming a warranty.

How to Claim Aftershokz Warranty?

For a warranty claim, It is necessary to remember the date of purchase; this will help you to understand whether the headphone lies within the warranty period. Furthermore, the process starts with registering the headphones and contacting customer service. Remember that filing a claim is not as easy as expected. 

Register Your Headphones

How to register for Aftershokz warranty? As it is the first step in filing a warranty claim, start by contacting Aftershokz customer service at [email protected]. In this regard, you have to fill out a registration form in which they ask you about the following:

  • Name
  • Personal Address
  • Email Address
  • Product Information ( model, color, and serial number)
  • Date and location of purchasing
  • Receipt of purchase
  • Details about defect

Note: registering the headphones is the means of saving the serial number for further possibilities.

Submit the Claim

After filling in all the necessary information, you will receive a registration code and link to the warranty claim. Moreover, the company will decide if your claim for headphones is valid. During this period, you are not allowed to discard the headphones.

In other cases, if you do not buy Aftershokz headphones on your own and receive these devices as a gift, you are eligible to claim for warranty only if you notice a manufacturing defect. In this regard, you must mention the date of receiving them, and the warranty is calculated from 90 days of the manufacturing date.

Wait for the Response

It depends on the type of claim you demand from the company; they will either deny, approve or request additional information within 2-3 business days by emailing you. You will receive a confirmation email if no other information is needed.

If the product to be replaced is discontinued, you will get the higher model with the same technical features as the original one. Otherwise, upgrading is not possible through a warranty.

Note: confirmation email contains a shipping confirmation email with an additional tracking serial number of the headphones to be replaced or repaired. 

How Long Does The Claims Process Take?

Claiming process starts after the primary investigation of whether the headphones have only a manufacturing defect or something else. Different regions have different timings for processing the claim.

If you provide proof of purchase or the product’s serial number, it will surely speed up the replacement method. Moreover, If you don’t have a receipt for buying the headphones, you have to explain the reason and mention it in the form as “proof of purchase unavailable.”

How do I get a proof of purchase receipt? If you lost the receipt, you could contact Aftershokz directly, and it will find you through your personal information. Otherwise, you can also check your email inbox containing the purchase date with the amount you paid. You can also check the bank statements if you have the habit of paying with a credit or debit card. 


How Do I Return Shokz Headphones?

If unsatisfied with the Aftershokz headphones, you can return them within 45 days. The process starts with adding the order number, the email address, and the reason for the return. You will receive a refund once the headphones are returned to the company.

Is The Serial Number on AfterShokz?

The product’s 12-14 digit serial number is readily available at the bottom of the box or written on the warranty card. For new purchases in recent years, this number is also mentioned on the charging port of the headphones.

What Does AfterShokz Warranty Cover?

Warranty for Aftershokz requires only manufacturing defects such as no sound, microphone inefficiency, working of only one transducer, and faulty battery. Other than these, all defects like improper storage, damage to components, submersion in water, or accidents do not lie in the category of a warranty claim.

Conclusion | How to Claim Aftershokz Warranty?

Refunding and repairing bone-conduction headphones is not a difficult task anymore. You can easily claim a warranty by following the steps mentioned above. However, the most critical pillar in How to claim AfterShokz Warranty is remembering the date of the first purchase. If you have one in mind, you are good to go for the easy claiming process.

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